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3 days in Bangkok – warming up

Posted by on Dezember 23, 2012

Vorab die deutsche Zusammenfassung: Kulturell und Erlebnismäßig schon echt nice aber wer mal so richtich mies auffe kacke haun will is mit Bangkok echt bestens beraten :D

So now I’m in Perth for more than one week and start to feel a bit familiar with everything. One week ago that looked quite different. Fresh shocked and amazed from the floating life in Bangkok I where landing at the Australian airport and did my first steps on australian ground.
Again four days ago I landed in Bangkok and was so curious about what will happen to me the next days.
My first impression was the incredible heat even at the nighttime (I arrived at about 7 o’clock at the airport) and the really vibrant environment. The first trip in Bangkok just ended in the youth hostel where I met a nice guy from England. After some talk we decided to have some great traditional thaimeal at a restaurant and a look at the patpongroad (propably the most fucked up touristroad in whole Bangkok :D). Knocked out from all the heat and the bright nightlife I just slept like a baby in the air-conditioned 4-beddorm after we came back.
On the next day we spent a lot of time for having a look at the Grand Palace, the WatPhra- and the WatPo-monestary and some other nice places in Bangkok. The evening we spent on some beers, billiard and a good talk :) The Wednesday I spent for having a look at the big shoppingmalls to find some new clothes. Unfortnately I just found out that the best opporturnity for buying clothes is the weekendmarket which is only available – drumroll – on the weekend >.< Additionally I felt the jetlag comming over me. At the first day I didn’t felt anything but this day I just went into 3-days-awake mode at about 12 o’clock on midday. Actually thats quite funny if you just hang aroung with some friends but its not usefull at all when you want to do something serious :(
What to do… Anyway I found some nice T-Shirts for a quite good price (I think Superdry-Shirts for 5 euros are quite rare in Europe ;)). In the evening we were closing with a quite educating dive in Bangkoks nightlife which is just awesome :D
For more details I let the pictures talk again!
Merry Xmas to everyone btw ;)

4 Responses to 3 days in Bangkok – warming up

  1. Thomas B.

    Immer aufpassen, nicht das dich ne Shemale abschleppt ;-)

  2. Marco

    naja, bezahlt is bezahlt neh :D da kenn ich ja nix >.<

  3. Florian

    wer keine lust auf den Englisch Text wirft hat ihn einfach beim Google übersetzer rein;-)

  4. Haui

    wie garnicht in der Soi Nana Tai oder in der Sukhumvit Road gewesen (o.O) was da los ;o) hahaha

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